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The Cal Lutheran University
Choral Ensembles

Areté Vocal Ensemble

The Cal Lutheran University Choral Ensembles includes the Cal Lutheran University Choir, Women's Chorale, and Areté Vocal Ensemble. The Cal Lutheran University Choir and Women's Chorale are the premiere undergraduate choral ensembles at CLU. The ensembles have earned an enviable reputation in their home state and throughout the Western United States for their commitment to performing the finest in choral literature from all eras in their original languages. While dedicated to performing works that represent the University's Lutheran heritage, the choirs also embrace innovative new music as well as music expressing a multi-cultural perspective. Each fall the members of the choirs are carefully selected by audition. While several are music majors, the ensemble reflects the diverse interests and disciplines of the California Lutheran University student body.

Rounding out the Cal Lutheran Choral Ensembles is Areté Vocal Ensemble, an innovative ensemble of vocal artists founded by Wyant Morton in 2009. The singers include Cal Lutheran students, alumni, faculty, and other professional level singers in the Thousand Oaks area--all of whom perform with energy, passion, expertise, and virtuosity.With an ear for the new, the unknown, and the unconventional, Areté strives to expose its audiences to exciting and adventurous music in formats that make the music accessible and alive.

The forces behind the activities of all of the Cal Lutheran Choral Ensembles consist of having high musical standards, a strong awareness of tradition, and an equally strong sense of musical inquisitiveness.

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