Oxnard Performing Arts Center

“You must know how I and all of my colleagues feel about the Adopt-A-Musician program. It is fantastic!!”

Tim Barr, Principal Bass

Adopting a New West Symphony musician lets you play an instrumental role in supporting the Symphony and keeping music alive in our communities.

New West Symphony is proud to attract talented professional musicians from around the world. The Adopt-a-Musician program is a wonderful way to support the ongoing commitment to bringing the best and brightest musicians to our orchestra.

When you Adopt a Musician you have an opportunity to connect on an individual level. You will receive exclusive information and invitations to special events where you can learn more about the musician. For example, Adopt-a-Musician sponsors are invited to take a glimpse behind the scenes with backstage tours and conversation with your musician during select concerts and receptions.


Adopt-A-Musician Sponsorship Options

  • Concertmaster ~ $10,000
  • Associate Concertmaster ~ $5,000
  • Principal Musicians ~ $2,500
  • Section Musicians ~ $1,500